Friday, April 20, 2012

Patting her forehead

I knew the weekend was going to be hard, that was a given. Being the working parent in our household I tend to not solo it with the kids for that terribly long. This was going to be a record for sure, four days, and I was prepared for it to be hard but that was before I knew we'd all get a virus. 

Thankfully CJ had whatever nasty thing it was before my husband had left town. Being a stout little child he seemed a bit feverish but other than that like his usual self. Then. Then the girl child got it. 

Had you been a casual observer in our house, you might of thought someone was having our child drawn and quartered with the way she carried on. While logic was telling me that whatever she has was presenting itself like a virus and so taking her into the doctor wouldn't do much good as the day dragged on in suffering I threw logic out the window. 

Not being someone who enjoys spending a Saturday afternoon in an ER room, or even a slightly more decorated urgent care room, I decided to scroll through my list of medical people in my phone. Currently I'm down to two nurses and a doctor but before I whine about that too much I realize some people have no medical friends or family and have to do whatever regular people do. 

But my first nurse, ahem, a family member I might had, had the audacity to go to sleep. So I moved on to the next one who was out of town but she did call back later and offered the brief advice I mostly already knew but it was comforting to be reassured nonetheless.  Still I dutifully grabbed an extra cold compress and affixed it to the child's head and to her feet (now the feet thing I wouldn't of come up with on my own.)

Then, to add insult to injury, I had earlier taken a migraine medicine for the first time in my long quest to be rid of migraines only to now be experiencing really bizarre reactions. Once I had dealt with that fun issue I settled down to nurse Kaiya, feeling woefully inadequate. Armed with socks that I wet and some cold packs I rotated them in circulation to try and keep her cool. Every now and then I would coax her to drink a little or munch on some ice pops. 
Doing my best to dole out the appropriate amount of children's tylenol and the aforementioned tasks it all seemed to come up short still. At one point she clutched her forehead and cried out that her head was going to crack open. I told her I certainly hoped that didn't happen and vaguely wondered if it could. We had been up on the couch for most of the night and finally I decided to move her to the bedroom where she slept just as fitfully and I even more so as my momma settings had reverted back to newborn mode. 

The next day I woke up clearly with whatever she had as it felt for all the world like there was a mule constantly kicking me in the head. I did my best not to scream at the kids, mostly because it would have just hurt my own head.  But also because while Kaiya was mostly better she wasn't 100% and poor CJ had actually been pretty good the last two days and was due to be his usual self again. 

At one point Kaiya was watching me as I took some medicine and she said: "You took such good care of me mom; I'm going to take care of you!" "Really?" I said "How about when I'm old will you change my diapers?" "Yup." We figure if we keep locking her into promises like this than we might have a chance. All I truly did was pat her forehead a bit and it felt like not enough, but she told me I did a really good job taking care of her and she was the patient. So, I'll take it.


  1. So scary when they are sick like that, especially when you're on your own. What a gorgeous thing for her to say. Hope you're both feeling lots better now.

  2. Rough weekend indeed. I hate that terror that sets in when one family member is sick and you realize it is only the beginning.

    1. I know, right? Worst part is wondering if it's going to hit everyone at once!

  3. It's amazing what children learn from us, and what a blessing and the greatest possible compliment that she will care for you as you care for her!
    Praying for all of you,

    1. Thanks for the prayers, we're already all better!

  4. Sick kids––can be very scary! I work in an ER and the parents always look way more scared than the kids. I'm glad you all are feeling better. It's nice you have some good med advice on speed dial :))

    PS thank you for your lovely comment :)))

    1. glad to know i'm not the only wuss parent more frightened than my kid!


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