Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day!

Hope your day went lovely. Mine started with bright-eyed little Kaiya poking her head in my bedroom. I informed her that it was Mother's Day and she informed me that there should be a daughter's day. I choked back the: that's every day! response and just patted her on the back. Then my darling boy gave me kisses galore. 
We then piled in the car to go visit my mother, but alas, missed her. Luckily the local paper printed my tribute letter to her though which was as follows:

Two-and-a-half years ago, my mom and dad came up from San Antonio to visit us as we were bringing our new son home from the hospital. As she held our baby, she quietly told me that she had breast cancer. There was a strength in her voice as she said it that I clung to, and I found myself searching her eyes for hope. I remember she apologized for the timing, as if she had planned to have cancer at the same time I had a new child. My first thought was a desperate prayer that my baby would have the chance to know her as I know her.
A grueling year of chemotherapy and treatments ensued, and I remember her sarcastically commenting, "Everyone seems to be thinking I joined an army or something with all this talk about fighting. Well, I sure don't remember enlisting!" By the end of that year, she began requesting no more pink. Ever.
It felt like the air was just starting to clear and the sun was coming out again when her dad got sick with Alzheimer's. She told me that more than anything, she hoped he wouldn't forget she and her sisters or his beloved bride whom he had known almost all his life. My mom's father passed away this summer, and there she was again, strong and hopeful. Mom was grateful that her father went quickly and was no longer in pain.
Just a few months ago, we celebrated my youngest cousin's wedding, and my mom was doing laps around the hotel lobby with the rambunctious 2-year-old who was winning everyone over with his blonde hair and footed jammies. Mom remarked to me that the boy has the memory of an elephant as we swapped kids so she could take my daughter down to get a drink. This Mother's Day, I am delighted to have another year with her and that my kids get to know her a bit more. That they get to learn her razor-sharp wit and share in her delight of trying new desserts, which they do with much eagerness.

Next, a little poem I jotted down today on being mothered for our sabbath project which is still going full steam, albeit sometimes I end up finishing the weekly piece on Monday. 


it is to be wrapped up snug in a blanket cocoon
it is the being held by one stronger and bigger
it is the comfort that comes in total safety 

it is a tinkling of bells straight from heaven
it is laughter drunk in deep to my soul
it is being with her in a love moment

it is being loved first and truest and deepest
it is being cared for tenderly and fully 
it is being mothered by the one you have

Lastly, my dear husband wrote me a fantastic letter that I've read like five times today. He is planning some big surprise as well which I can't wait for. I opted to remain surprised as plans changed last minute for him and we will celebrate that part of it next week... hmm.... wonder what it could be... Hug your mama if you still got her!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your Mom! Sounds like she is a very strong lady --- one I'd love to meet! I, too, went through the breast cancer thing --- and yes, it was an army I didn't enlist in either. But I found that the Lord changed me for the better through it all, and I thank Him for that. I'm glad your day was such a good one . . . I hope your surprise was as fantastic as the rest of y our day!

  2. Stopping by to say HELLO for the weekend. Blessings!

  3. What a lovely post and tribute to your dear mother. Yes, hug her close and enjoy the moments. My Mother passed away in 2006 and I miss her everyday.


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