Monday, May 7, 2012


I believe I was healed on Sunday, from migraines. So what is my response to this? Tell the world. 

It started with my loving husband who signed me up for prayer. My churches' weekly prayer time for those with chronic health issues. As soon as he told me that he had signed me up for prayer I immediately wanted to cancel it. And I would have, or at least tried, but I had a fifty hour migraine the day before the prayer. Even during it I still kept thinking: wasn't there something I was supposed to cancel? But then I'd forget what it was because the lights were blinding me. 

At church the next day one of the staff members happily informed me she had prayed for me and I thanked her ashamed that I needed prayer. Hopefully I'm not the only one like Peter. Who at first insists my Lord can't possibly serve me by stooping down to wash me. 

The real question was would I let him stoop down and heal me?

There I was at my church, in need of healing. Turns out churches are a good place for that sort of thing. I walked up to the front of the church, well I strolled really, for new art was up in the wall and I was drinking it in deep.

As I walked across the altar a pastor approached me and offered to pray for my migraines. Naturally I let him being that he was an authority figure and all, but in all honestly I truly wanted prayer which for me is not usual at all. I suppose the fifty-hour one or the fact that I had five in the previous week had pushed me to my limit. 

He prayed for a helmet of salvation to protect my head and I got this great visual from that. No sooner than he had finished and I stood up to go find my family when an elder came searching for me. She promptly grabbed my hand and informed me that she and another lady were going to pray for my migraines as they had just healed the other lady from them. This elder lady was healed from allergies years ago and ever since she enjoys praying for others to receive healing. She likes to say that when you pass the healing on to someone else you get to keep yours.
I must now hunt for someone to pass this on to because I dearly want to keep this healing.

When the two ladies started praying one of them suddenly prayed that I have a helmet of protection, the helmet of salvation on my head. I tell ya, I got God-bumps. I stopped them and told them the other guy that had prayed for me had said the same thing. The elder just nodded and said, well it must be true then! 

Here is where my skeptical nature comes creeping up: I wonder, what if I was just healed from a migraine one Sunday? Well then, I suppose thanks is still in order. But what if I never get one again, what then? Did the man who received his eyesight wonder if he was going to lose it again or did he dash around the world trying to see all the sights he had been missing?

It is now Monday night. I had my first migraine free Sunday (where my trifecta of triggers usually occurs: outside-allergies, lots of light and lots of noise) in two months. It was a Sunday in which we were running and gunning all day as we had a meeting about a marriage class in the evening and I probably had about ten triggers total for the whole day. How I didn't get a migraine is beyond me and proof enough to me that I was at least healed for a bit with a brief respite from them. But I have hope that it is a longer thing. A deeper thing. That the helmet two different groups of people prayed for is still firmly affixed to my little head. 

Let me know if you get them too, so I can pray for you, and keep the chain of healing going! 


  1. Woohoo!!! Shove the furniture waaay back so I can do my famous happy dance.

    We do serve a miracle makin' God who heals the sick today as He did then.

    I'm so happy for ya sweetie!

    God bless and enjoy your migraine free week!!!

  2. He is good isn't he! And I got a great visual of your happy dance.

  3. Wow, that's incerdible. I can't wait to hear how you're holding up. I pray that the healing stays with you.. and that you have ample time to live it up!

    1. Still another week with no migraines!

  4. I have had a long history of migraines. Through the years I have had what we call in our faith Priesthood blessings. I have times when after the blessings I would relax and finally go to sleep. I so believe in blessings and that power. I think prayers are so important. In our faith we have a prayer roll in our temple that we can put names on. I have a granddaughter that had a very rare disease. She was in the hospital for 4 months in the PICU. Very sick; there were people of all faiths praying for her. She survived and I know it was due to all the prayers and blessings.
    I still have headache now and then; but very seldom a migraine.
    Blessing to you and you will be in my prayers and I will put your name on the temple prayer roll.

  5. Hi Court, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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