Sunday, July 22, 2012

i'm sorry!

so, i basically abandoned my blog. so sorry. you see i'm studying up for another promotion and between that and the busy time of summer it's all i can do to just make it to work and make it home again. 
hopefully i'll pick this up again when i'm able which could very well be after the promotion tests end... in January. though i reserve the right to randomly vent about whatever so that the four readers can see. i do miss y'all, though i occasionally get by your sites still,  and i look forward to catching back up once life slows down a bit again. 
take care and i hope you are having a fabulous summer.


  1. Them sure are some sweet kids in your pic!

  2. I did miss your posts and have looked in on your blog once in a while. I am happy to know the reason; which is a good one. Summer is so busy and you need to pace yourself for sure. Just know that I am one of your followers when you do get a moment.

  3. I do the same thing. Online life can be all consuming and if you don't find balance, your real life suffers. I wish you luck on your promotion!


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