Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There are times that I do silly things like spend a whole blasted day looking at Pinterest and even sillier days like when I am brave enough to think I can attempt to do some recipe, craft or other such pretty thing I see on there. The good thing about my thirties has been that I've learned to settle. For a perfectionist this is no small thing.
So when I had my first free Saturday that was not going to be spent studying I set to taking down the Christmas decorations and secretly praised myself that for the first time ever that happened before MLK day. Or, for that matter, Valentines, St Patty's and usually even Easter. One year, it was by Halloween. Why I didn't just leave them up a few more months still baffles me.
Now, the sudden cleaning spree I blame on test insanity and the sheer delight of getting to have a normal Saturday but the second part of how my day was spent I blame on sheer Pinsanity.
As I was taking down the ornaments and decorations on the mantle I suddenly thought, I know, I should put up Valentine's Day decorations now! Crazy thought since I didn't have any to put up so the next natural thought was, well I'll just have to make some first then. Like its as easy as buttering toast.
At first I scrolled through pictures of modge podge and toilet paper hearts I did what any sensible thirty something would do. I got red paper and cut out hearts. That was all. Just a little batch of hearts with our names that I strung together with some ribbon and a few extra hearts with lovely words like joy and grace. And then. I stopped. Well, almost. I still had a ton of little hearts so I put them together on some clear tape to make a window decoration. And then, I swear, I stopped.
But only because I moved on to planning Kaiya's sixth birthday. Which is my new obsession. The will be rainbow colors and art. It will be a sheer smorgasbord of Pinsanity. Yay.

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