Saturday, January 19, 2013


Have you ever surfaced after being under quite a bit? For my job there is a process to get promotions which is fairly competitive and if you take it seriously and do it right you pretty much have to abandon all pretense of being a normal human being for about half a year and delve completely into studying and prepping for the promotional exam. There aren't many people who can even comprehend of a test so massive you literally need six months to study for it, save maybe lawyers and doctors, and so the self conscious part of me worried that I was losing all my friends for surely they wouldn't believe that my intensity in this was actually necessary. So when the process finished up early this month it took a few weeks, and maybe I'm not even there yet, to 're-emerge' again.
I guess the best way I can describe it is if you are like me after you have a new baby. Like me as in a complete and total zombie who does not even bother to get dressed or pretend to be normal and speak anything other than unintelligible grunts around other beings. If you are the type that is back to her pre-pregnancy weight a week later, whose home looks like it was ripped from Pinterest style section, and whose demeanor is simply angelic.... Well. Aren't you special. Kindly stop reading this blog and go back to being perfect. Zombies, once it's time to start being human again do you find you still want to occasionally bite, or is that just me?
Still. I've returned to the surface and the air is, well, freaking cold but breathable. It feels like I have all this abundant time that I wasn't aware of before, and that is a joyous thing to realize. Here's to hoping that I still budget my time well though, and use it wisely for eventually, I'm sure, there will be another submerged in some season of life time in which everything changes again. For now, I'm excited about spring walks, crafts with the kids and getting to know new friends.

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