Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's Saturday morning and my house is filled with tiny voices. Kaiya is writing some kind of letter, as she is ever making cards and such, and will periodically call out to me: how do you spell "____" ? To which I answer. CJ chimes in hollering out the two main letters he know: A! B! A! B! She ignores him.
I've been thinking about how quick it has gone already and how it has also been the longest freaking six years of my entire life. And now as the tiny voices are fighting, the older one pleading with the younger one for such and such, and I am desperately trying to finish my coffee I find myself wondering how to just enjoy the time and not wish it would go faster or lament how fast it's already gone. Though, I suppose if I figured that out, I could make a fortune because I bet millions of people would want to know.
So I go back to my old stand-by, a quote from Jim Elliott: "wherever you are, be all there." For all the world I get it and I don't get it at the same time. Just being. Existing and being present in the existing seems to be a place to start though.

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  1. I hear that. My husband and I are in a constant battle to move forward and hold back those little girls of ours.


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