Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paper tube horses!

Kaiya came home from school with a paper horse she made for 'Texas' week. Since brother had to have one too I decided to give it a try. His turned out so good that Kaiya wanted another one! First I free-hand drew the head on some butcher paper, but I imagine there's patterns found online easily enough. I then doubled the paper over when I cut it out so there were two identical horse heads. Kaiya colored hers with hearts.
Then I taped up the heads together. Since the butcher paper is pretty flimsy and my kids are a bit rough on stuff I taped the whole head to give it a laminated covering. One thing I learned is you want to be sure and stuff the nose part before you get it taped too well or it will tear and not stuff easily. We stuffed ours with paper towels and tissue paper.
For the body I used the plentiful supply of toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Her school project had used rolled up newspapers. Since the hollow tubes were not that sturdy I stuffed them with more tubes but this was partly to get rid of the gazillion tubes I've been saving for crafts and that have been driving my dear husband crazy. I just stuffed the tube up the end of the horse head and taped it all together. I taped the tubes where I had them joined and then another covering since the rest was all taped but I doubt it needs that much. Pictures are below if you want to try and have some happy cowboys and girls!


  1. Those are adorable!!!! Way to go MOM! My daughter would love this craft.


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