Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes, I love my cat.

Sometimes, I love my cat. Like today. When poor Kaiya is sick again. (Wow. If you are a SAH family and your oldest has not yet gone to kindergarten and you are tempted to not believe everyone when they tell you that your sweet child will be sick the entire year... Take my word for it. Don't naively assume they only mean until October. It's March! And. She has been sick... The ENTIRE YEAR.)
Anyway. Back to the cat who I currently want to kill, and about how much I love her... When I don't want to drop-kick her. (I kid.. I kid... No violence ever occurs.. Well, no intentional violence, they have this wonderful knack for sneaking under our feet at the most inopportune times and chaos generally ensues...)
The reason I am prompted to express my love for this particular feline beast, whose name I can't quite remember but I think it's either 'Stormy' or 'Cloudy' (and before you judge, Kaiya names EVERYTHING about five times. I tend to give up after I learn the first couple of rounds.) is because as Kaiya lay on the couch all feverish and moaning like she was on her deathbed the precious cat came over. She looked terribly concerned and put her paw gently on Kaiya's face. I sweat it was like she was checking to see if the dear child she is somewhat fond of who lets her sleep with her from time to time had a fever. Then she went back to rubbing her butt in my face. The cat. Not Kaiya.
Sometimes, I love my cat.

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  1. Funny post. I can totally imagine your cat doing that. But butt on face? Ewww! LOL

  2. I understand the love-hate relationship with the cat. And it's

    great post..stopping by from MK's

  3. Oh, me too! I have three Rotten Cats and butt-in-face-rubbing is one of their favorite games. Ugh. Funny post - we must discuss this love/hate cat thing more.

    Sorry about your little one - it is true indeed that they will be sick the entire first year. The. Entire. Year. Been there, done that. Health and sleep to all of you!

  4. Well, dear beloved wifey, as I sit here at home with your boy child - whom has developed a fever as well this morning - that same butt-rubbin-in-your-face cat is going over and care tending the sickly coughing half asleep "li'l whelp"... gotta think that earns the cat some loyalty points.

  5. I inherited two cats when I got married. Your post very accurately describes the love/hate relationship I have with them! Sorry about the season of sickness. Not fun.

  6. Court Dan,

    Ahh, sick kids, rascally cats... :)

    Thanks for stopping by my post "People-Watching in Ancient Israel." Please forgive my delay in replying.

    I'm sorry for your depressing and hard week. I have those sometimes too. Is it going any better today? I love that our Abba Dad never runs out of time or energy for us. He loves you, he delights in you, and he is there- waiting, listening, sustaining you.

    Thanks for stopping in.

    Jennifer Dougan

  7. I can relate to this one. We had a cat for 18 years and luckily he didn't really like being around children so when they went to bed he would get under my feet. The sad thing is that I was allergic to him. It is so interesting to see the various personalities that your pets can have.
    Blessings to you and I hope you sweet one is feeling better now.

  8. I'm so sorry. That first year of school is rough on the little ones. Evan was sick once a month the entire year. I hope Kaiya feels better soon. And stays better.
    P.S. I haven't been here in a while, but I LOVE the pics! You have an adorable family!


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