Tuesday, May 14, 2013

fighting to breathe

is it just me or do i spend a prolific amount of time apologizing for abandoning this blog? well this time my almost-week off was because i can hardly breathe. it seems this allergy season brought some lovely infections which kicked my used-to-be-occasional asthma into full-on-assault asthma. and i had no idea how exhausting it is to be fighting to breathe. nor did i have any idea how important breathing is. 
prayers would be graciously accepted. i'm a little frustrated feeling like i am doing all i can but to be honest i want to be home resting more and i feel torn like i should be at work. wisdom in knowing when to rest and when to suck it up would be most appreciated if you need a more specific prayer guideline. 

how is your may going? and.. to the thing that helped through some hard couple of weeks. giving thanks even still:

- for a sweet husband who sets up the humidifier
- for both children giving me numerous kisses on my cheeks at the same time!
- for hope of getting better, some day
- for nice warm tea
- for that lovely rice bag that i have been using every night to put on my aching lungs
- for inhalers. because really, they are genius.

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  1. I do know how you feel I have allergies too and they have been bad so far this month. I have suffered with this for years and it does drain me sometimes. I will send some prayers for you!


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