Saturday, June 29, 2013

life and stuff...

sorry again for abandoning my blog, to the two people who read it regularly. (that's down a bit from the four.) sigh.

i was just about to start feeling better from my months-long sickness that is rather starting to wear on me when our whole little household got a nice little summer flu. this of course set me back. which is in large part how these last few months have gone. a few steps forward and then twelve back. 

and i know. i know that there are people with worse problems. i know that God is good. i know that i should be thankful for the health that i do have, for by in large even with my problems lately i have it pretty good. but still.

i'm so tired. and i'm sick. and i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

i am also realizing why, way back when, people would live with all their extended family close by. that seems to be to be wisdom. so that when one branch of the tree is weary and in danger of falling off the others can huddle around, or under, and make sure that doesn't happen as they shore up the weak one. 

but. sigh. none of ours are close. and lately even all of our church friends have been exceedingly busy with the end of spring and beginning of summer extra-busy-time. 

all this to say that my sweet, hard-working husband has been completely on his own with everything having to do with household chores, cooking, cleaning and completely taking care of the kids all on his own for over three months. how that man hasn't snapped and isn't yodeling while wearing a bear-suit in Alaska is beyond me. 

on top of that the things that have broken in the last month: our dryer, our coffee pot, the air conditioner in the house, and we're pretty much down to one car again as one is so bad we only take it on very short trips. the only thing that we've scrimped the money for to replace was the coffee pot. clearly that's where our priorities lie, that and hubby found one on clearance for seven bucks. 

but i know God is good all the time. surely this time of sickness  and trial must come to an end. it just has to. and i'm trying like heck to give thanks through the storm not just from it. so. there's that. i'm getting to learn and grow and stuff. 

oh and the other good thing to come out of this sickness is when i was all fever-stricken last week i got this idea for a novel and i burst out a good chunk of it as a start. so. whoop! (it's about a serial killer who is after this college-age girl... and before you roll your eyes she's a theatre major! and she uses disguises that involve an overabundance of that plasticky-stuff they use in movies. oh joy.)

so all this to say that life goes on. sometimes its hard and sometimes not so much. i'm sure the not so much times are around the corner and i'll be back at it with teaching sunday school again in no time. in the meantime imma keep on praying and hoping for Jesus to come back reeeeaaaaal soon. like tomorrow. 


  1. Wow! When it rains it pours, doesn't it? I hope that you feel better really soon!

  2. I'm so sorry you are sick. Not fun! And they take so long to recover from too, huh? May you heal quickly.

    Jennifer Dougan

  3. I have missed your blog. I am so sorry that you are ill. I had a couple of times when I was probably about your age when I didn't feel good at all for a very long time. It is awful when you just don't feel good. You will be in my prayers! I love that you are writing a novel.

  4. Hi CourtDan,

    Just stopping by to say hi. :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  5. Sorry I've been gone, have been sick and life has been like this post... but.... God is good, all the time!


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