Thursday, January 2, 2014

Communing in Pain

I wrote a poem a while back, and it came from a season of having felt urged to study about how Jesus knew the grisly end in gory details but still he came. Once I started studying, and flipping to the passages where Jesus would mention what was coming and tell his followers, sometimes bluntly, 'I'm going to die,' I found the surprising thing to me was the revelation that he essentially had two deaths. 
The horrid one on the cross loomed so large in my imagination, but the first one hit me like a punch in the face. For when Christ came he disrobed the immortal cloak and put on soft little baby skin. He came starting off the size of a bean inside a woman's womb. Instead of coming to a wealthy, powerful family he came to a family that was poor, hardworking still, but poor. And he came, into this world a less than ten pound little bundle of very weak flesh, when an evil ruler was out to kill any babies born. 
This blows my mind. So much left to chance. Jesus' family had to flee to avoid the wicked soldiers, warned by an angel in a dream of all things.  That a powerful king was after a poor little baby boy and bringing the full weight of his kingdom to the pursuit blows my mind. But still. It worked out. Even as he trudged up a hill with a cross on his back he was working it out. And that. Blows my mind.

Coming pain

I will commune with you in this knowing of coming pain. 
You knew much more fully and precisely. 
Every lash of the whip felt eons before cracked. 
The sharp scourge of the thorns mashed down into your skull long before the wood was ever breathed into existence. 
Still you came here, stepping out of eternity to your death-ending life.

And you knew, you knew the pain that was to come.
As your head pushed forth from the cloak of a human womb,
You knew the same head would wear the crown of thorns.
When you crawled across the floor to your mother, you knew one day you would trudge up a hill with a cross on your back and pass by her.

Still. You came. Knowing how deep the pain would be, you came.
First you bridged the gap of an eternal bridge to become human.
Then you crossed the bridge to death and knocked Satan out.
Crossing the bridges we can't to carry our weary bodies back home.
All we have to do is quite simple, we just have to receive you in full.

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