Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Missed ashes and leftover candy

"I wish there was some place I could just walk in and get ashes real quick," the husband says and I nod as I feverishly play my video game one more time. The decision to give them up for lent has already been made but since I had to work last night I am operating under the assumption that today is my Fat Tuesday. Since I'm also hedging towards cutting down sweets this season I'm tempted to bolt to the store to stock up on peanut butter eggs. 
Instead, overcome with the same laziness that made me sit on the couch instead of go to the Ash Wednesday service at church, I raid the kids' leftover Valentine's candy. Because that's how I roll. 
Perhaps this year the focus can be on what is put in the empty space rather than what is taken away. For I have some crazy ideas swirling around this little, curly head of mine. Like running a marathon for starters, and the hope of making more art. Not to mention I decided to start writing children's books too, because, I'm out of my mind apparently. 
So it's no wonder that tonight, when I finally had a night off, I opted to become one with my chaise lounger rather than a church pew. And at least for now, I feel a sense of grace. Like The Lord isn't up there 'tsking' and shaking his head because I missed a service. Nor does he care that my calendar is a day off. Instead he rejoices to have more intentional time with me this season. Like a dad whose kids are home from college and finally out of that sullen teenage phase, so he's stoked they get to spend some time on a holiday break together. Yeah. Like that.

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